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My Story

When I made the decision to go into teaching, I decided to shake up the market with my innovative philosophy of using reiki with language learning.


Now with the launch of my new website it’s the perfect time to find a little bit more about me.

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In the Beginning 

I will begin by saying that I had an interesting start to my life. 


I was born in Cuba, right in the middle of the Special Period, when the Soviet Union fell, in 1991. Times were extremely tough and hunger was rampant. Thankfully my mum met my dad from England and they fell in love, she took the leap of joining him in the UK.


However, that in itself was a massive thing to do as it meant leaving all her family and culture behind with a little girl aged 7 (me) to a strange country. Thankfully we got through it and things for us and for our family started to improve.


Once settled in the UK  my biggest, challenge, was learning English then navigating two cultures, never feeling like I completely belong to one or the other, yet happily embracing both. 

Fast forward 20 years 

Just before COVID hit I had been made redundant from a very good Marketing Job that I had. 


I decided since then, that working full time for other people was simply not right for me anymore so I decided to carve my own path.  I taught languages before in Jordan and Barcelona  and had enjoyed it, but Reiki was also a massive part of my life. 

I discovered Reiki when I was in Manchester and for me it was a life changing experience. I 

I was going through a very difficult period at that time, so knowing that I could use universal energy to heal myself and others gave me a lot of confidence. So once I decided to set up my own teaching business, I decided that Reiki had to be a part of it.

This is how my business was born.


Want to meet me and find out more about my teaching style and my Cuban culture then contact me now. 

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