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English/Spanish for Exams 

If you want to take your Spanish and English further with an academic qualification, then I can help you in the following areas: 


  • Spanish GCSE/NAT 5 

  • English IGCSE 

  • Dele A1-B2 (I am a qualified Spanish official examiner for the DELE B1/B2 exams)


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Student Stories 

Anja, 25, Spain

Avatar 109

"When I started with Elie I knew no English, plus I had 6 months to get to an intermediate level in order for me to start my degree in Jewelry Design. This made me highly anxious, as I had to take my TOEIC too.

However, doing Reiki before my class meant that I felt less anxious in learning English.  Gradually this teaching method improved my English and once I started university, Elie tailored my lessons to complement what I was learning there".

Avatar 111

Katie, 16, Glasgow

Avatar 111

"I have been a student of Elie's for about 1 year. Elie has taught me so much about the Spanish language and culture. Every week she creates tailored lessons for me specifically, helping to improve my Spanish and work with my school's course in preparation for my exams. Her tuition has helped me get an A* in my National 5 (GCSE equivalent) Spanish exam and to feel confident going into the Higher prelims. She is extremely well organised, accommodative and flexible. These skills make her lessons perfect for the individual and make me and my learning feel like a real importance to her. Not only does she create engaging, fun lessons but you can tell that she really cares about her pupils. I feel really well looked after and that my mental wellbeing is just as important to her as my education.


Elie’s considerate nature makes every lesson a joy, she makes sure that I am okay and adapts her style of teaching to how I am on a specific day. She is incredibly supportive and encouraging, because of this I have become much more confident when talking Spanish and in my everyday life. Her lessons are not just about learning a language but about how to overcome obstacles, build self-confidence and acceptance. She creates a respectful and safe environment, there is never any pressure to be perfect and she is very kind when mistakes happen. She has taught me to persevere, even when I am feeling down heartened and has motivated me to try again. Her versatility means that if I do not understand something she will explain it in a different way, making her lesson so much more interesting for me. Elie uses a huge variety of teaching techniques and as a pupil, I can tell how much effort she puts into our lessons beforehand, making my experience far more enjoyable. I look forward to our lessons.


She is great at problem-solving, always finding a way around the technical problems that Zoom lessons bring. She works exceptionally hard, often providing me with resources and extra help outside of our lessons if I had found a topic particularly difficult, for example, before my exams last year she gave me extra lessons and on the day of it she offered me her help if any last-minute worries came up. It feels as if she is fully invested in her pupils, completely cares about our improvement and achievements and is genuinely pleased and proud of us when we do well. She is always there to support or help me, and I know I can rely on her for a quick, detailed response to any question I might have". ​​

Tim, 35, London

Avatar 98

"I've been learning Spanish online with Elie on and off since the start of the pandemic. I really appreciate how she tailors lessons to my interests and needs, and has been so flexible in fitting lessons around other things. We've mainly studied for the DELE B1 using the books Dale al Dele and En Marcha."


Contact/Book Lesson

Contact me if you want to learn Spanish/English to get the boost you need for the exams. 

+44 (0) 7882 454 175 

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