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If you are looking to travel and need to have a good grasp of English or Spanish before you go, then my tailored lessons might just be what you need. I just need to know what country, for how long and what roughly you will be doing there and I can tailor my lessons to suit your holiday.

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Student Stories 

Mirella, 36, Glasgow

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"I am originally from Argentina, but have lived in Glasgow for a few years. Although my English level was good, I did not speak much as felt insecure when talking to natives. Because of of this, our classes are structured mainly around conversation.

This works well because after I have talked for a few minutes, Elie writes down my mistakes, she then explains why they are incorrect. Due to this learning method, I now feel much more confident when speaking".

Adrienne, Hungary

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"​I have been looking for a Spanish teacher for a while. When I was recommended Elie and she told me about her background, I knew that I found the right person.I am most interested in Latin America and she tells me a lot about life in Cuba, as well as the differences in their language use and I think it's priceless. It's not something you can Google or read in a book.


You either visit the country and immerse yourself in life there or you learn from people with direct, lived experiences. If I could, then I would take more than one class per week. Learning a language is rarely easy, you need to sit down and practice a lot but it's so important who you learn from. With Elie, the classes are fun and rewarding. She motivates and encourages you.


Even at the very beginning, when you can hardly utter a few words in Spanish, she makes you feel you are on the right track. It is also very helpful that she is open for questions beyond classes..

Sukyee, Scotland

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"I am planning to travel to Latin America at some point after lockdown. In the mean time, I have received tailored classes with Elie where she has looked at areas that would be beneficial for my travels such as directions, talking about family, seeking medical help amongst others, whilst also going through grammar.  Her style of teaching focuses a lot on conversation and listening which is a language ability that is imperative to have when travelling abroad".


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Contact me if you want to learn Spanish/English to boost your career or you can book your lesson

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