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English/Spanish for Business 

My experience in Digital Marketing and working with various sized businesses and industries has equipped me to offer tailored courses and services aimed at students who need to improve their Spanish or English for their work.


Some of the areas I can help you with include: 

  • Presentations/Meetings

  • Email-writing 

  • Content Creation

  • Other Business Communication 


Alternatively, need someone to look at your CV or to improve your Linkedin profile? I happen to work in recruitment so I would be more than happy to help you in the following areas:


  • Interviews 

  • CV/Cover Letter Improvement 

  • LinkedIn profile improvement 

  • Job Interview Practice 


Just need a translator or interpreter ? I can do that too! I have several years experience translating a wide range of documents and in interpreting plus a degree from Salford University in Translation and Interpreting. Please email me your requirements and documents  at

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Student Stories 

Jake, 25, York 


"I got a teaching post in Bolivia so I wanted to have Spanish classes before going there. I barely knew any Spanish, but Elie has tailored the classes to suit me, she has covered many useful topics, such as Bolivian culture, expressions and Spanish grammar.

In fact, from the beginning she has only spoken to me in Spanish, if I got really stuck, she would message me in English. The combination of reiki with her teaching also enabled me to learn deeper with better recall".

Jaqui, 35, Scotland


"I am learning English to find work  within physiotherapy. So I need to learn specific vocabulary within that line of work; thankfully Elie has been able to tailor my classes to my needs. 

At first, I was very anxious when speaking in English. However, Elie’s patience and use of reiki has helped me absorb it a lot quicker as it has put me more at ease".

Tim, 35, London

Avatar 98

 "I've been learning Spanish online with Elie on and off since the start of the pandemic. I really appreciate how she tailors lessons to my interests and needs, and has been so flexible in fitting lessons around other things. 

We've studied for the DELE B1 using the books Dale al Dele and En Marcha and also done a number of specific sessions such as preparing for meetings at work in Spanish, as well as carrying out translations and helping me craft content amongst other things. Overall, I've gone from bad at Spanish to reasonably good over that time, and hope to keep improving".    


Contact/Book Lesson

Contact me if you want to learn Spanish/English to boost your career.

+44 (0) 7882 454 175 

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